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Prosperity Manifestation Maximizer

The 5 Step Prosperity Mindset Activation System for Success

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Through practice and implementation of this FREE Mindset Maximizer ™ program you will:

  • learn how to manifest abundant prosperity
  • master the know-how to unleashing limitless success
  • discover the power of your own mind
  • ignite the rewards to a healthy prosperity mindset
  • get the repeatable process to attracting <more happiness, joy, prosperity, and so much more.

Today, you’re invite to courageously and lovingly take responsibility to take action on writing your next chapter. Together lets unleash your innate ability to manifest with expansion to a limitless, prosperous, and fulfilling life.

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Yes, Now Is Your Time!

Ever wonder how the heck does everyone else do it? Success seems to be so easy.

Meanwhile you are struggling through the day to day waiting for that one big break, that one opportunity, that game-changing client – the payoff for all your hard work!

OR – you’ve been riding the big wave when everything was flowing, working in your favor and THEN it all came to a drastic halt.  And you think WHAT JUST HAPPENED???

You are so freakin’ exhausted from the “trying” – thinking it would be easier to just give up.

You are stuck and it’s deep.

I’m here to tell you that we’ve all been there.  Every entrepreneur on this journey to success has experienced the ups and downs and this too shall pass.  Because you know deep inside it’s got to be easier. You feel it deep in your gut.



You’re one smart cookie and you know damn well, there are no quick fixes and I am not promising you a magic pill either.

What I do know is life is a continuous game of learning just how powerful we are as individuals. It’s growth. It’s expansion. It’s evolution beyond our fears.

I’m here to show you what is possible is already within you. Acknowledge and put aside and the fears, hang-ups, self-doubt and self-sabotaging behaviors.

There are three steps to get started right now.

Step 1 KNOWLEDGE that you are:

  • Brilliant
  • Masterful
  • Smart
  • Powerful

Step 2 RECOGNIZE you are in control.
Yes, you’re the one in charge of how your life’s experiences and circumstances determine the life you get to live. It’s not what you go through. It is how you go through it. You choose what version of the story you accept. You either keep your power or give it away.

Step 3 IMPLEMENTATION from experienced guidance (That’s ME!)

This step-by-step guide allows you to fully step into the powerful creator you already are. It will take practice, commitment, resilience, courage, patience…

and a relentless belief that “Yes, I can!”, “Yes, I will!, “Yes, I AM!”

About the Program Facilitator

Meet the in demand prosperity and marketing coach and founder of Entrepreneurs of Success, Sara Khoudary.

Sara is widely known as the Entrepreneur’s Authority Builder. Her passion is to empower entrepreneurs in manifesting a life of prosperity by standing out as the authority in their industry and easily scale their business.

Sara is committed to helping entrepreneurs break through the overwhelm to clear the excess of what it takes to rise to the top of any industry.

With over 25 years of success coaching and marketing experience, she has the know-how and track record in growing leaders. Sara has worked with clients around the world and specializes in developing entrepreneurs to reach beyond their first six figures and has also created several millionaires with her Prosperity Roadmap systems and processes.

Sara’s work has led to clients being discovered and featured in publications like “O” The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Bloomberg Businessweek.

Named one of Denver’s Most Influential Women by Denver Colorado Luxury Magazine, Sara has a passion for helping individuals connect and grow. With her power-house drive and a mission to inspire, empower and advance entrepreneurs along the way, Sara does just that from the international stage, live interviews and podcasts, private coaching, proprietary programs, and the Mentor Momentum Community.

Dedicated to championing your success – whether it be holding you accountable to your vision (we all need a kick in the butt sometimes) …or having your back when you’re unsure how to navigate the next pivotal step, Sara is your coach, your guide, your accountability partner, and your biggest fan.


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