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6-Week Self-Immersion Program for Entrepreneurs

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August 26, 2021 – October 7, 2021
Thursdays, 11:00 AM EST | 9:00 AM MST

Ready to ignite momentum in your life or your business?

Ready to experience breakthroughs, overcome procrastination, and curate abundance?

Do you want to know the proven process on how to ignite prosperity, now?

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Fall 2021 Session

Ignite the secret to manifesting prosperity

Did you know, the symbol of Koi fish represents prosperity, wealth and abundance. They are often associated with empowering representation of good fortune, resilience, courage, strength and accomplishment.

Commonly represented in distinct colors including black, red and gold. The color black is reflective of masculine energy. Representative of success in overcoming a personal struggle in one’s life. Red symbolizes the feminine filled with passion, power, courage and strength. While gold Koi often represents prosperity, wealth and abundance.

Each color of the Koi is a reflection of the transformational journey before you when you choose to join us for our next Ignite Prosperity Maximizer program.

Get the roadmap to manifesting abundance.

If you’re ready to manifest a prosperous mindset and embrace the secrets that will change your business and life now, you’re in the right place.

During the 6-week journey of empowerment and self-discovery, you’ll receive;

  • proven daily habits of today’s top 1%
  • new tools to overcome obstacles that allow you to see opportunity
  • techniques to bust through mental barriers that no longer serve you
  • powerful tools to reshape your thinking to manifest prosperity now
  • guidance to open up the doors to new possibilities

Breakthrough the barriers no longer serving you so you can…

Embrace mentorship and a supportive community

Eliminate feeling stuck & going it alone

Courageously make transformational decisions

Stand powerfully with a roadmap to reaching your goals

Let go of the imposter syndrome to drive the success you deserve

Release anxiety over finances and never making enough and open the doors to limitless opportunity

Here’s what’s included

  • an initial one-on-one meeting with the program facilitator to address your specific desires at the start of the program
  • 2, 30-minute Private Coaching Sessions
  • 6 – Weekly Group Maximizer Sessions
  • Inspired To Success Book featuring wisdom from 16+ influential leaders
  • The Five Minute Journal for daily practice
  • Manifesting Prosperity Guided Visualization and Affirmations Audio
  • Program access to our exclusive members portal and visualization library

Join the program now for a limited time $597
(regularly $997)

Meet Sara Khoudary –  Program Facilitator

Sara Khoudary is the founder of Entrepreneurs of Success, empowering entrepreneurs to master the marketer’s mind, stand out as the authority in their industry, and easily scale their business.

Sara is committed to helping entrepreneurs break through the overwhelm to clear the excess of what it takes to rise to the top of their industry.

Helping entrepreneurs master the marketer-mindset is Sara’s passion. With over 25 years of strategic coaching and marketing experience, she has the know-how in growing leaders.

Sara’s work has led to clients being discovered and featured in publications like “O” The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Bloomberg Businessweek.

Named one of Denver’s Most Influential Women by Denver Colorado Luxury Magazine, Sara has a passion for helping individuals connect and grow. With her power-house drive and a mission to inspire, empower and advance entrepreneurs along the way, Sara does just that from the international stage, private coaching, proprietary programs, and the Mentor Momentum community.

Dedicated to championing your success– whether it be holding you accountable to your vision (we all need a kick in the butt sometimes) …or having your back when you’re unsure how to navigate service providers that support your individual needs.

Sara is your coach, your guide, your accountability partner, and your biggest fan.

Sara is happily married to her husband Tony of 21 years, the proud mother of three amazing leaders-in-training, and rescue-dog lover. She is an award-winning visual artist and master in porcelain vessel throwing.

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