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Up-level Your Network To Grow Your Business.

Do you want a Powerful Tool using your LinkedIn Profile to Grow Your Business or advance your career? LinkedIn is one of the most commonly underused professional connection platform available today.

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March, 25, 2021 – April 29th, 2021
Thursdays, 4:00PM EST | 2:00PM MST


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Spring 2021 Session

What’s the secret to building a High-Value Network?

You filled out your profile, added your resume and a picture, you’ve even made connections with your family, friends, co-workers, and past employers. Perhaps you’ve even gone so far as to invite all of your 2nd and 3rd degree connections.

You checked off all the boxes and have a textbook perfect LinkedIn profile. So, why does it work for everyone else and not for you? Why aren’t you getting new contacts and making solid, valuable connections to add to your network?

Are you frustrated and don’t know what to do?
If this is you, or someone you know, Good News!

Reserve your seat, now. In this private session our founder, Sara Khoudary will unveil her proprietary system on how you can get your desired result using LinkedIn.

How to use LinkedIn to effectively grow a high-value network:

There are three essential strategies for success
Sara Khoudary shares with entrepreneurs and B2B owners how to strategically use LinkedIn to grow their business by building a high-value network. This is not an empty promise! There are certain elements that every successful LinkedIn profile contains whether you want to maximize your profile or utilize a proven approach to quality connection. The key is using the right strategies designed to build your network and support the growth of your business.

The quality of your network dominates the quantity of your followers. Do you want to build a profitable and effective network that drives your business? Connecting with random people on LinkedIn may increase your vanity metrics but it does little to grow a profitable network.

Sara will share with you 3 essential strategies for successful LinkedIn connections.

  1. Lead with authority so that you have credibility in your field.
  2. Know the correct approach to messaging and outreach. One word can derail the connection.
  3. Engage. Be an approachable, valuable resource

Get the knowledge to make your LinkedIn profile work for you – simply strategies that you can start implement on day 1.

Program Topics include:

  • Strategies to connect and share effectively
  • The one thing that will kill your reputation
  • How to strategically build a profitable network
  • Connect with key decision makers faster

Join the program now for $497. Optimize your program.

“Strategic relationships are built on trust. When people believe you are looking out for their best interest, they will listen and want to work with you.” – Celebrity Interview with George Ross

About the Program Facilitator

In demand marketing coach and founder of Entrepreneurs of Success, Sara Khoudary, has the know-how and expertise to guide, helping you create a LinkedIn strategy that works for you 24/7 to grow your business and position you as a leader in your field. Her proprietary system not only has created $100,000+ per month for herself, but she has duplicated her success leveraging substantial revenue opportunities for her clients as well!

A master at orchestrating both traditional and digital marketing strategies, Sara has worked with clients around the world and specializes in developing entrepreneurs to reach their first six figures and has also created several millionaires along the way with her systems and processes.

Sara’s work has led to clients being discovered and featured in publications like “O” The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Bloomberg Businessweek. Named one of Denver’s Most Influential Women by Denver Colorado Luxury Magazine, Sara has a passion for helping people and organizations connect and grow. With her power-house drive and a mission to inspire, empower and advance entrepreneurs along the way, Sara does just that from the international stage, podcasts, and popular networks like ABC, NBC, FOX and The CW.

Helping entrepreneurs master the marketer-mindset is Sara’s passion. With nearly 25 years of strategic marketing experience, she is the master at growing leaders using platforms like LinkedIn.

Now she’s ready to help you identify the best strategies for your industry by creating a unique plan of action. People who partner with Sara have more visibility, a solid reputation, and are positioned as authorities in their field.

Listen to what two industry influencers have to say about Sara and her approach.

“The social media landscape is evolving faster than ever. The good news is Sara has her finger on the pulse of whats working. She’s your secret weapon leading to business success.”

~ Ted Prodromou, America’s Leading LinkedIn Coach, 5X Best selling author including Author of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business

“The secret for success in any business is to be seen, to be safe, and to be relevant. LinkedIn is the Gold Vault platform and Sara is your personal key to unlock the riches behind that LinkedIn door!”

~ Gary Barnes, International Best-Selling Author, High Performance Business and Sales Coach, International Speaker


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